Impact Campaign

What is an Impact Campaign?

It is a path made by many small steps, taken one at a time, generating change in a community. A positive evolution of the ideas, practices and structures that organize the relationships of that community.

Why start from a documentary?

Because a documentary film conveys important and complex messages in an immediate way. Because it starts from reality, from real life, from daily experience, and allows us to empathize with the protagonists. Because images speak directly to people’s hearts, and change in the community begins with the change and the actions of single individuals.

The campaign

With the film “5nanomoli – the Olympic dream of a trans woman”, through the direct experience of Valentina, a visually impaired Paralympic athlete, we talk about transgender people, inclusiveness in sports, and disability.

With the film’s Impact Campaign we intend to create discussion and awareness on these issues, addressing the world of sports, the world of media, private companies, and citizenship in general. The campaign is a journey in stages, involving various subjects in Italy and abroad: public institutions, companies, associations.

Participating in the 5 nanomoles Impact Campaign means promoting the values of inclusiveness and equality, and becoming an active part of change in society.

5 nanomoles is the first Italian documentary to launch an impact campaign nationally and internationally.

"Sesso, genere, identità: parliamone insieme!" organizzato da FITeL Emilia-Romagna, Circolo Aziendale Ravone e Gruppo Trans
Partecipazione al programma Ukulele Radio Città Fujiko
Partecipazione al programma Portico NEU Radio, con Morra MC e La Totta
differenze in gioco: sport libera tutt* organizzato da UISP - Comitato Regionale Emilia Romagna

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